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On the journey

No description

Hao Liu

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of On the journey

Hao Liu
Stuart School of Business
IIT On the journey For the future 08/2010-08/2012
Syracuse University
Computer and Information Science 08/06/2012
IIT-Stuart School of Business
Finance Advancing Career and Education Program A precious experience to adapt to working environment Life at changing worlds Integrate theory with practice What did I learn
from ACE course? Self-Cognition Motivation & Goal Attitude &
Personality Strength & Weakness Business
Etiquette Dress
Etiquette Email
Etiquette Language
Etiquette Soft
Skills Teamwork &
Leadership Time
Management Stress
Management Communication
Skill Job Hunting Interview Internship Resume How time flies... What I got during this whole year of journey: Passion for Work Personal Accountability Working Pattern PERSONALLY
IMPROVEMENT Time Management Teamwork Skill Technical Skills Communication Skill Meeting every Monday to schedule weekly work Work together and coordinate to complete different missions Summarizing and Reporting
Sharing opinions and suggestions Excel, Word
Data collection and Processing Cohesion Office Culture Working Attitude Fundamental knowledge of finance
Communication skill improvement
New friends
Working preparation Strengths:

Weaknesses: Preciseness

Sluggish Study harder, harder and harder Make profits Work like a big family Responsible for work
Reliable Small business
Flexible Deal with others and coordinate with others Learned a lot from everyone.
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