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Exchange Overview

Introduction to the exchange experience

Andrés Correa

on 11 June 2011

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Transcript of Exchange Overview

Exchange Should
I Stay?? Should
I Go...? Or Go on
X! Overview Why go EXCHANGE ??? Traveling Change others lives Being part of Conferences AIESEC
Integration International
connections Live another culture
break paradigms International
work experience Independence What are the Exchanges that AIESEC has for You ? 4 Xs M T anagement raineeship Internships in this pool enable you to get experience in the management related functions of an organization. Brasil India China Polonia T raineeship T echnical Internships in this pool enable you to get experience in the technically related functions of an organization. Turkey Germany Portugal India raineeship evelopment T D Internships in this pool enable you to get experience
working directly with the community based initiatives and projects in a country. Africa Russia South America ducation E T raineeship Internships in this pool enable you to get experience in teaching. Turkey Unkraine India and
NOW... Let's see actual opportunities ! Facts
about Xs There are more MT EPs than MT TNs in my@.net There are more DT TNs than DT ETs in my@.net Is much easier match with DT TN than a MT TN Match points are usually in summer and winter Locally we don’t have ET EP’s TT TNs are too specific , so we need specific EPS what's
an ? INTERNSHIP An AIESEC internship is a practical working and learning experience for the intern to develop
academic knowledge and professional skills. What's the $ For an MT ,TT and ET TN 1.5 SMLV 1 SMLV For a DT TN 60% You pay when you are going to upload your EP Form. 40% Pay the when you are Match NOW.... Let's check the basics !!! OGX
FLOW Raising Is the moment when the EP upload her/his Form to my@.net
Also starts to look for the TN. Matching Is the stage when the EP has found his/her TN and both parts, EP and TN Taker are agree to start the internship. Going for
X The EP is preparing all to start the internship. Things to check: •Tickets
•Country Culture
•LC Host
•Culture shock: OPS Reception Remember you are not alone! The LC host is your new family! Start to enjoy the best experience of your live! Support your Home LC don’t be afraid to start a dual XP If you have problems during your X... IXPQS go to The International Exchange Policies and
Quality Standards Contains all the overall policies related to exchange and roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in an AIESEC exchange.
Outlines what steps should be taken in the event of a complaint against any party involved in an intern.
Outlines the minimum services AIESEC must provide to an intern or organization in specific areas of the exchange process. When you
return Don’t be sad.. You have an entire LC waiting for you to start over again in your home. On
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