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Lesson focuses on Speaking and Reading-Keywords associated with Recycling

Tyler M

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Recycling

What is waste? Trash
Debris WASTE has several names: These are all different names for waste. We will use "waste" and "trash" today. Waste is anything that is not
needed or used. Waste usually gets
"thrown away". Some trash we shouldn't throw away,
this kind of trash we recycle! But should we throw away ALL of our trash? What kind of trash gets recycled? Here is a list of what we can recycle and what we should throw away MOST trash can be recycled at HOME YES (Recycle) NO (Throw Away) ALL Paper (newspapers, magazines, anything made out of paper) Cardboard (not corrugated) Anything made out of aluminum (most important!) Styrofoam Anything that has food left
behind still on it Reduce- do you remember what that word means from the video? We can also Reduce and Reuse! Reduce means to use less of something. For example, use your own bags when going to the store. Or reduce your use of gas by walking or biking to places. Reuse means to use something you have already used before instead of using a new thing. We can reuse old clothes as rags to clean up spills or to clean. Let's reuse our plastic bottles rather than buying new ones from the store! Mirrors Light bulbs Mostly anything made out of plastic Glass Plastic bags (recycle at recycle center) Labels, caps, and lids RE So what are our "R" Words again? RE RE DUCE USE CYCLE Each Word has a "Re" in front of it..... What does that mean? When you see a "re" before a word, that means "again, or repeat" reappear rebuild re-sell Appear again Build again Sell again This is what we use for recycle and re-use. Landfills Reasons to Reduce, Re-Use, and Recycle Saves Money & Energy Protects our environment around us Limits pollution Creates jobs Our landfills are too full to support all of our trash. Recycling trash means less waste in the landfills! Solar power reduces energy and costs by 40-60% Recycling 1 can=3 hours of TV. We can save alot of energy this way! 1 magazine=about 1.3% of a tree! Recycle used paper to reduce trees from getting cut down to make new paper! Recycling reduces waste, by reducing waste there is less waste being burned or put into our water, air and land. There are tons of jobs in recycling,
everything from manual labor to engineering. Help your economy grow by doing your part! Be Responsible! Reducing, Reusing and Recycling is important for us today and for future people. Waste is everywhere and everyone makes waste. It doesn't mean you are a bad person. But there are good ways to deal with waste.
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