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How to make hail

No description

colleen carroll

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of How to make hail

50mL of water
50g of salt
Test tube
crushed ice

1-6 ?s
1. Have you ever seen hail fall from
the sky and wonder how such heavy objects
can stay in the clouds?

2. It is like when water is circling around in the atmosphere again and again

How the ice goes around in the clouds and collects more ice every time it goes around

When the ice chunk collects too much ice it will
fall from the clouds and onto earth

3. The idependent variable is salt
because it makes the water colder

1-6 ?s Coninued
My dependent variable is measuring how the water/ice in the test tube changes

My controlled variables are salt, water, ice, the beaker, and the test tube

4. My hypothasis is:
If I put ice, water, and salt in the beaker, then the ice water salt
will mix to make hail in the test tube
will happen because the ice water
and salt mixes and the water in
the test tube gets so cold that
it freezes.
Experiment Video
1-6 ?s continued
5. Conduct the experiment

6. Yes, the experiment did work its just that you have to percicely drop the small ice chip in the test tube.
How To Make The Hail
Put the 15g of salt into the beaker
add the 50mL of water into the beaker
stir the solution until the solution is disolved
Put 15mL of water into the test tube
Put the test tube into the beaker
Fill the beaker with crushed ice
Stir continuously for 3-6 minutes
Then you take a small ice chip and perfectly drop it into the test tube
How to make hail
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