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Problem Solving Strategy

Tutor/Mentor Connection

Byeonghui Kim

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Problem Solving Strategy

Helping volunteers, donors who don’t live in poverty, and who have not spent much time thinking about the infrastructure
1. Expand the network of adults

2. Expand organizations helping youth

3. Help youth get a job
Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC
What is problem?
Problem - Solving
Helping inner-city kids move from first grade to job requires support system
Getting more people involved and keeping them involved for many years
For change to occur
All four parts of this strategy must happen concurrently and for many years
This information-based, networking strategy is a cycle that repeats for many years, and is available to anyone in the world with access to the Internet.
T/MC 4 part strategy can be found at -http://tinyurl.com/TMC-4-Part-Strategy
Step 1
Collect and organize “all that is known”
The T/MC library shares knowledge that can be used to expand the availability and enhance the effectiveness of these services to children throughout the Chicago region
Knowledge as Political Power
Mapping networks of information and people can reduce the feeling of complexity
The visualization of networks can be a way to make the world perceptible again and improve the comprehension of it
Map showing range of information in Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC Library
Many nodes contain links to additional maps or to web sites with relevant information.
Map opens to new page with information related to topic
Map opens to section of Links Library with multiple links relevant to topic.
Step 2
Raise public awareness
Apply multiple strategies to increase daily reach and frequency
Learning is on-going.
Must be sustained and grow over many years.
Many Owners Needed in Many Places
Events like Tutor/Mentor Conference help build public attention.
Engage many in communications and network-building
Media stories draw attention to need for tutor/mentor programs.
Step 3
Facilitate Understanding and collaboration
This is one of many slides created to help build understanding and support collective efforts.
Systems of support needed is an on-going effort to change how support is generated for tutor/mentor programs
Dramatically increase the number of people looking at the knowledge and ideas we collect and share on our web sites.
Step 4
Increase Resource for Tutor/Mentor Programs
Motivating pro-active actions of individuals is goal
As more people get take on roles
that encourage people they know and work with to become volunteers, donors, leaders will develop diverse support networks
Such programs will keep leaders in place longer,
building deeper organizational knowledge and stronger relationships with youth.
This is our network where we share these ideas.
if many people are sharing and applying these same ideas in their networks.
Read The other essays in the Tutor/Mentor Institute Library to expand your understanding of this strategy

Contact us: Merchandise mart PO BOx 3303, Chicago, IL. 60654

This Prezi was created by ByeongHui Kim, as part of a 2013 internship program sponsored by illinois Institute of Technology
We can change Chicago!
Note: While the Tutor/mentor Connection(T/MC) was part of the Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection organization from 1993 to mid 2011, it is now operated by the Tutor/Mentor institute, LLC which seeks to support the growth of T/MC type structures in many cities, not just Chicago
We can change the world!
Written by Yannick Rumpala from the University of Nice, in Nice, France. Read more at http://yannickrumpala.wordpress.com/tag/networks/
Each story needs to mobilize volunteers and donors to support tutor/mentor programs
All programs have same needs
These boxes represent the people in your network who we went to connect with T/MC programs
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