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Gensler Project

No description

Lisa Aitken

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Gensler Project

DATE: 9/11/13
Bryn Aitken & Haley Wakefield
Why is Gensler an important architectural firm?
Gensler is an important architectural firm because they are highly creative, collaborative and cutting edge.
Many companies call on Gensler to create signature architectural designs.
They are important to us because they are designing the new Da Vinci High Schools.
The Da Vinci High School blue prints
The new DV building
The new DV high school design is very innovative. All three of the high schools will be on the same campus and will share a four story building.

In the middle of the building, there will be a winding staircase to allow access to other floors of the school. There will also be a sports field, a theater and a cafeteria.
What impressed us most at Gensler ?
We were most impressed by the fact that it was that it was very efficient and creative space. The people could work just about anywhere depending on the needs for their particular project.

It also impressed us that there was collaboration and work going everywhere in the building, even when they were having lunch.
In Conclusion
Gensler office design inspires
creativity and innovation
The Gensler office space was designed to stimulate creativity and collaboration.
The work spaces are colorful and interesting and give many opportunities to work in different areas for different projects.
It is an open plan office, which means that there are very few interior walls and everyone shares space.
What is Gensler?
Gensler Field Trip
Gensler is an architectural firm that has created various significant monuments in many countries, such as Shanghai Tower (the second tallest building in the world) and the Los Angeles Farmers field football stadium.
They are in the process of designing the new Da Vinci High school building, which will be one of the most innovative learning environments in Los Angeles.
Being among the first people to see our new high school design plan was very exciting and interesting.
We got to see the plans and we were able to do some furniture testing for the new school!
We are very excited to be getting a brand new high school designed by Gensler!
How did our visit to Gensler relate to our class design project?
It related well because we are learning about design--we are taking measurements and thinking of ways to make the space look and function better.
At Gensler, we learned about the design process and how they use blue prints, models and photos to guide the process.
We learned so much about what the creative work environment looks and feels like from our visit to Gensler!
Field trips are a valuable part of project based learning because you learn from the source and you get to see how the knowledge we learn from school can apply to a profession later in life.
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