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Attention grabbers

This presentation discusses the use of attention grabbers in essay writing.

Sandy LeFevre

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Attention grabbers

A.K.A. The Attention Grabber What is it? Now your turn! Gotcha! A sentence or two used at the beginning of your essay to get the attention of your reader. Non- Examples Effective Hook Examples for
Expository Writing Effective Hook Examples for Persuasive Writing 1. 3-5 word effective sentence
2. Interesting question to the reader
3. Capture a feeling or emotion
4. Use a string of adjectives Example
Imagine opening your closet to find
something to wear to school, and all
you can find are khaki pants and
white shirts. Does that sound like a
nightmare? Well, for many public
students in America, it is a reality! >I am going to tell you about...
>Once upon a time...
>This essay is about...
>The assignment says I have to write about...
>Do you have a favorite ______? I do.
>Fire! Now that I have your attention...
(The hook must relate to the thesis). 1. Define the topic
2. Description
3. Quote
4. Exciting Action Define the topic: A hero can be defined as a person celebrated for his/her strength, bravery or fearlessness used in a special achievement. Description: My stomach was tied in knots, and I could feel the sweat soaking through my t-shirt. Quote "Life is a dance. You learn as you go."
"It is not about whether you win or lose but how you play the game." Exciting Action: "Down, Set, Hike!" With only five seconds left in the game, the quarterback steps back and frantically looks down the field for and open receiver. 3-5 word Effective Sentence: She was free. There would be no homework tonight. Interesting question to the reader: What would Mike's work ethic be in the future if he was never required to do homework a single day while in school? Capture a feeling or emotion: You might be surprised to learn that some students don't do their homework because they think other students might think they are "soft." Use a string of adjectives: Tired, worn out, and stressed, Angela piled her books onto the kitchen table and began to do her homework. The Hook
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