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Elizabeth Harris

on 18 May 2016

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Transcript of Napples

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Napples 1
Napples can provide life because it has O2, CO2 and H2o it has a high content of flora which the
fauna (animals and bugs) feed from. Essential for life is O2 (oxygen) and H2O (Water) with a little CO2 (Carbon Dioxide).

Napples is bigger than earth
Napples 2 - Atmosphere
To be a habitable planet Napples needs a thin
atmosphere. This atmosphere would contain gases such as oxygen, water (H2O) and a small amount of carbon dioxice CO2. Gravity determines whether the planet can hold onto molecules. Napples has a thin atmosphere and a gravity similar to earth with atmospheric storms and rain.
Napples has water in three forms
solid, liquid and gas which means it can support life. Napples has a moon which has a gravitational pull and causes tides in the artsram seas. It takes 25 hours to do a full rotation on its axis. Napples is located between Earth and Mars. It takes 365 days for the Earth to form 1
lap round the sun and 687 days for Mars to form 1 orbit a round the sun so it is estimated for Napples to make a full
orbit round the sun in 468 days. Napples has 4 seasons such as 2 cold and dry seasons and 2 hot and wet seasons which results that it goes up and down like Earth but many people predict that Earth rotates in a flat motion but it actaly goes up and down which forms seasons. further away from the sun.

Napples source of light comes from the sun. Napples orbits the sun. This sun is very large in size
which causes a gravitational pull
which keeps Napples in orbit.
This star is called the sun which provides light and heat. But without the sun life could not exsist and if the sun vanished Napples will simply float away

it is inbetween Earth and MARS

Napples the planet
by: Kyle Newton #

Napples 4 - Size and Temperature
Napples is slightly larger than Earth and that means it has a thicker atmosphere but not too thick or it will not be able to support life because no oxygen could get in. Napples also has a tilt because it has a day and night. Temperatures on
Napples are cooler because it is further away from the sun.

The Sun
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