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Consumer Behavior Investigation

Aaron Boundy, Rosana Kao, Jennifer Garavaglia, Nate Ray, Bradford Schaub

Jennifer Garavaglia

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Consumer Behavior Investigation

Consumer Behavior Investigation Aaron Boundy, Rosana Kao,
Jennifer Garavaglia, Nate Ray
Bradfrod Schaub Research Question The Information "Gap" Secondary Research I___ my textbooks___ . Survey Questions . How do social norms and cultural backgrounds influence college students choices of the retail channels, (MSU bookstores and the internet) to buy or rent textbooks. - Making a vague question more specific

- Defining Social Norms To get the most wide ranged amount of information we collected our data by:
-Online survey
-Random sample survey
-Students in bookstores
-Managers of bookstores Focus of our survey's:
-Purchase options
-Motives for making the purchase decision
-Impact of social influence . . . Our Target Group: Students and staff at the bookstore Specific Data Questions -Bookstore employees purchasing habits

-What influenced a student to walk into a specific bookstore

-What draws a student to a bookstore rather then an online outlet and vice verse. Recommendations Relation to the Course Work Cited --Making connections with other businesses or organizations to ensure continued business

--Stay up to date with technological trends and understand what your users are both comfortable and familiar with --Social surroundings- Chapter 13 page 477
decision making- Chapter 14 page 498-499
--Diversity/Uniformity- Chapter 2 page 51 How buying textbooks in the
BOOKSTORE benefits me: How buying textbooks ONLINE
benefits me: --Brunet,Darlene P. (2010) Incoming Student's Expectations and Acceptance of an Electric Textbook Program. Retrieved Decemeber 2nd 2012 from Louisiana State University

--Perkins, H. W. (n.d.). National social norms institute. Retrieved from http://www.socialnorms.org/FAQ/questions.php

--Hawkins, D., & Mothersbaugh, D. (2010). Consumer behavior building marketing strategy. (eleventh ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.
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