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No description

Kim Johansson

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of vmware

Background Cost effective * We had too many pc's doing too little!
* Customers wanted computers deployed faster
* We had to become more ... Vmware saves money in so many ways.
* Reduced time spent ordering hardware.
* Reduced time spent installing hardware.
* Doesn't take up rack space.
* Reduces amount of power and cooling.
What can be virtualizated? Basically anything thats not ment to run at full speed, 24/7.
Most pc's not running load will only peak every now and then,
leaving lots of free resources to be used by other virtual machines.
This also allows a virtual pc to now and then use more resources than it would have been able to when it had real hardware.

* Linux ( Ubuntu, RedHat, Suse, CentOS etc )
* Windows ( XP, Vista, Win7, Win2003, Win2008 etc )
* TSP ( 5.0 32-bit, 6.0 32-bit, 6.0 64-bit ) How does it work? To virtualize you need a very stable, fast hardware layer. Ontop of this Vmwares hypervizor is placed as a tiny operatingsytem that will act as a schedualer when guest operating systems ask to access hardware.
What does this add up to? Scenario: 42 dell sc1435 space: 2u
power: 400w (3048kr/year)
cooling: 400w (3048kr/year)
installation: 1h
rack-install: 1h
licenses: 50.000kr
hardware: 65.000kr
space: 42u
power: 11340w (86.394kr/year)
cooling: 11340w (86.394kr/year)
installation: 24h
rack-install: 8h
licenses: 0kr
hardware: 672.000kr Total: 122.696kr Total: 870.188.kr Ericsson Networks
Existing Customers ims-cscf: 165 virtual machines

ims-sbg: 22 virtual machines
sled10-lwmp ims-pgm: 1 virtual machine
linux-vatb bete: 25 virtual machines
pxe-boot server
iscsi-nfs exporting
dhcp servers
common fileservers
cacti graphs
ims-gtt: 1 virtual machine
backtrack2 penetration livelab: 23 virtual machines
ubuntu-man in the middle
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