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No description

madeleine chone

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of DMT

Madeleine Choné, Tim Kuzel, Zein Zoulfikar, and David Mays Dymethyltryptamine History History He attempted taking the drug orally
The drug was unsuccessful
He injected with positive results
He released his findings about DMT to the world
Escaped to the US
Became director of Preclinical Research at the National Institute on Drug Abuse.
DMT was legal until 1966 in most countries
The effects of the drug were found to be unsafe for public use
However in 1972, DMT was discovered in human brain tissue, urine, and fluid around the brain
First psychedelic drug to be found in human body First synthesized in 1931 by Richard Manske
Neither effect on humans or its presence in S. America was known until then
After Richard Manske's discovery the drug was forgotten
It was rediscovered when S. American Shamans were found consuming "potions" by pshycopharmcologists
Found in plants Shamans used to create "potions"
Although the drug was rediscovered, the effects of the drug were not recorded until 1956 by Stephen Szára.
He was currently stuck behind the Iron Curtain
unable to purchase LSD
Decided to synthesize DMT after reading about shamans Ayahuasca Aya= spirit, waska=vine
Brew from DMT-containing plants
used for divine and healing purposes by natives of Amazonian Peru.
Spiritual revelations, self-discovery, and connection with "true nature of the universe."
Lasts >6 hours
Ayahuasca "churches" affiliated with Brazilian Santo Daime established in Netherlands in 1999 where, even after litigation, DMT use was protected under religious freedom. Intro Naturally occurring psychedelic compound in plants and some animals.
Very similar to seratonin, the hormone melatonin, and other psychedelic tryptamines
Either injected, inhaled, or consumed.
Can range from a short-lived, mild psychedelic states to extremely powerful hour long experiences repeatedly referred to as the "divine drug" Effects profound time-dilation, intense emotions, and visual and auditory illusions.
elevated heart rate and blood pressure, pupil expansion, and elevated blood concentrations of endorphins.
Due to intensity little addiction potential
http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/channel/drugs-inc/videos/dmt-a-psychedelic-new-drug/ DMT in the Human Brain Untested theories that DMT is produced in the brain (pineal gland) playing a role in visual effects of dreaming, near-death experiences, religious experiences, and other intensely visual experiences.
Evidence that DMT is naturally occurring in rat brain, human cerebrospinal fluid, and other living tissues.
Due to international law classifying DMT as a schedule I drug, study of DMT is extremely restricted, but natural materials such as ayahuasca are not as strictly regulated Studies Schedule 1 drug - very few studies
Most studies investigate religious practice
University of New Mexico Study:
Early 90s
Tested injection (rather than vaporization)
5 years of testing
Experienced alien contact
Experienced an alternate, independent
reality Studies University of Greenwich Study:
Focus on recreational use in Australia
Found recurring experiences and entities
shapeshifting elves
praying mantis alien brain surgeons
jewel-encrusted reptilian beings The Trip - Drug starts to take effect after 5 min, effects peak at 15 min, and lasted about 60 min
- Unlike other hallucinogens the human body does not build a tolerance to DMT
- The drug is undetectable in the body after use Long Term Effects - Impaired mental function and distorted abstract reasoning
- Some people may develop psychosis or loss of contact with reality
- May cause brain damage An Example of The Experience - You feel a launch just like a roller coaster

- You begin to hallucinate and inanimate objects become animated

- You are transported into a new "world" and you meet other beings

- Ceremonial or tribal dances with the "beings"

- Meeting intelligent non human presences such as angels, spirits, or aliens. Works Cited oids in H DMT Discovery and History. Retrieved April 10, 2013, from http://www.dmtsite.com/dmt/information/history_discovery.html.
Luke, D. (2011). Discarnate entities and dimethyltryptamine (DMT): Psychopharmacology, phenomenology and ontology. Journal Of The Society For Psychical Research, 75(902[1]), 26-42.Dimethyltryptamine.
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Jonathan Hewes, (2012) Drugs, Inc., DMT: A New Psychodelic Drug. United States, National Geographic.
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