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WBILT Implementation Strategy 2010

World Bank Institute Learning Technologies Group

Monica Guevara

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of WBILT Implementation Strategy 2010

Double click anywhere & add an idea WBILT: Overview Learing technology products are the backbone of the overall wholesale strategy. WBILT provides a generic infrastructure that supportste production and dissemination of learning tools as well as proactive capacity development. LT Business Role Within WBI and WBG Wholesale Partners WBG Clients
Centers of excellence, hubs, networks, thematic implementation partners, etc.
Production partners in developing countries
Collaboration partners (e.g. UNDP, UNICEF, FAO) How Clients Work with WBILT Courses are developed in modules
Client gets full course
WBI maintains the modules in repository
Modules are re-used in new courses when possible
Network of worldwide wholesaling partners
Institutional collaboration for training delivery
World Bank University: e-Learning for individuals
WBILT Core Business Structure WBILT provides WBI and WBG as a whole with quality services and products where the following three elements are present:

Internal Production Using external suppliers as leverage to increase its production output, WBILT uses internal resources mainly for services and products that inlude the three elements of its core business:

Development Pedagogy Technology

External Production WBILT uses external resources to take puction to scale, repetitive tasks int he cores business (e.g. newsletter, web updates, presentations), and for tasks outside the core business (where one of the core elements is missing) Internal Production
External Production
Innovation Learning
Dissemination Project management software and helpdesk
Internal resources monitoring
Production request "one-stop-shop"
Assignment and follow up
Internal production Design and support for e-Learning
Pedagogic advisory (partners and vendors)
Pedagogic methods: serious game and simulations
Technology watch
Repository management (MOODLE) Vendor management
RFP management and support to clients
Contracting, payment and monitoring
Project management and data entry
Financial management projects
Financial management reporting Website development
Collaborative tools
Social media products
Website corporate compliance
Video server Future WBILT Organization FY 10 Achievements and Data Q1 Highlights and Reviews Acheivements FY 10 Repository maintenance / updating
Identified existing courses for upgrading
Partners' pedagogic capacity development
Umbrella contracts for production
Project management software installed Outstanding Tasks FY 10 Finalize the standard production chain
Align internal organization and staff
Advertise new production capability
Broaden vendor basis in developing countries
Broaden pedagogic capactiy building to organizational and technical aspects Current FY10 Work Program Learning products
Website (WBI external site)
Collaborative tools (outreach)
Systems Potential Growth Planned Q1 and Q2 Results 1. Learning
Flagship production planning and
7 concept notes

No plan, but nearly 20 products delivered
2. WBI Website Plan:
New site live by September 18 and EXT compliance

Site on time and on-going compliance 3. Collaborative Tools
Requirements analysis and service available

Software request submitted to ISG,
but inconclusive decision in 12/09
4. Sytems

Study alternatives to PLATO

Client prefers PLATO with updates Additional Q1 and Q2 Results Highlights:

1. WBI external website launched
2. Annual Meeting in Istanbul
3. South-South exchange events and service
4. Capacity-building: China Nat'l School of Administration
5. PLATO/CRS enhancements
6. Innovation Day (VPU Team Award)
7. Development Marketplace
8. Capacity-building for development training institutions
9. Style guide Q1-Q2 Results Overview Output: 1. Learning products: 20
2. Advisory and capacity-building: 5
3. Audio and video products: 21
4. Other products: 26
5. Website, systems and maintenance: 17
6. WBG policy co-ordination: 5 Wholesaling Partners and WBILT Pedagogic capacity-building
Technical information and system requirements
Quality control
Access to repository and uploads of local modules WBILT Business Model #1:
Client Partner WBILT WBILT Business Model #2: Client WBILT External
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