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No description

milena moreno

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of photography

ALPHABET staircase handrail photo v :vi
Wall bolívar based found in a parking lot gate of the university picture window frame outside the headquarters Bolivar :) photograph taken of a window grille on 63rd Street photograph taken at a street bollard 63 insurance picture window at the headquarters Caldas photograph taken a grate in the street window 63 guard rail Bolivar Headquarters 5th floor photograph of garden grille;) photograph taken in a fence of a building behind Lurdes Picture taken at 63rd Street graffiti phone photography headquarters
in Bolivar hose Bolivar security at Headquarters :O parking sign picture taken on 63rd Street Photography backup traffic signal of 63 photograph of the cafeteria floor at the headquarters Bolivar photograph of the grating of a door on 63rd Street XD photography wall of the parking lot in front of the university gives Bolivar signaling university parking photograph of garden grille outside the headquarters Caldas picture cobblestone front of the church lurdes picture of tree trunk against the University of Santo Tomas in 7  Photograph taken graffiti star on 63rd Street Photo from the garden grille of the Bolivar branch Picture taken of a paper
headquarters on D Photo from corner of wall Photo from corner of wall
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