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Central Bank vs Commercial Bank

No description

Cameron Bainbridge

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Central Bank vs Commercial Bank

Central Bank vs Commercial Bank
by Blake Williams Federal Reserve Functions of Federal Reserve Services the Federal Reserve Provides Washington, D.C. The Federal Reserve System is the Central Bank of the United States. US Bancorp Functions of U.S. Bank Services that U.S. Bank Provides Also known as U.S. Bank.
One of the biggest commercial banks in the USA. A place that will keep customers' money safe
Will lend money to customers Allow businesses and people to loan money
Mortgages can be lent to firms and households
Offer customers a credit card
Also offer customers a checking account
Allow customers to have a savings account Minneapolis, Minnesota Supervises the banking system in the domestic economy.
Creates financial regulations.
Acts as a lender of last resort.
Supervises the monetary policy. Cited Sources https://www.usbank.com/cgi_w/cfm/personal/products_and_services/index.cfm https://www.usbank.com/index.html http://www.federalreserve.gov/paymentsystems/pfs_about.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Reserve_System Banking services for the federal government
Maintaining accounts for the US Treasury
Financial services for commercial banks and credit unions http://www.federalreserveeducation.org/about-the-fed/structure-and-functions/financial-services/ Federal Reserve System Relationship Globally Role in Economy Within the US the Federal Reserve is viewed very highly because it is the bank of the government and it oversees all of the commercial banks.
Outside the US it is also viewed respectively because the US economic situation, which it monitors, is important for countries around the world. The Federal Reserve keeps the banking and financial systems safe and stable. Also, they conduct the monetary policy, which will help to sustain employment and stable prices. http://www.frbsf.org/news/speeches/1999/990921.pdf U.S. Bank Relationship with other banks The U.S. Bank is one of the leading banks in the US, so other banks think of it as a competitor. Role in Economy U.S. Bank will provide checks and banker's drafts to benefit the economy. Also, U.S. Bank will provide foreign currency for people who visit another country. U.S. Bank Relationship Globally In 2001 U.S. Bank founded NOVA, now Elavon, which has now allowed them to expand and base in Ireland. This is one way U.S. Bank has become more global. Another is that they made a Corporate Travel Card, which allows more worldwide travel for people and businesses. It is organized with the Board of Governors at the top and branches beneath them.
The Board of Governors are elected for 14-year terms
Under the Board of Governors there are member banks.
Member banks are commercial banks around the US that are members of the Federal Reserve.
It is funded by the interest of the US government securities that it trades through open market operation. The U.S. Bank is a member bank of the Federal Reserve
It is watched over by the Federal Reserve to make sure it stable and controlled
It is financed by adding interest to loans and mortgages, so the customers have to pay the bank.
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