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Outbreak of the Civil War

A real BRIEF look at Ft. Sumter and secession.

Brian Terpak

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Outbreak of the Civil War

The Outbreak of the Civil War The Presidential Election of 1860 Abraham Lincoln wins the election without winning a single Southern State. Secession South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas break away from the US in Feb 1861. After the fall of Ft. Sumter, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, North Carolina seceed from the Union and join with the Confederacy in June 1861. Ft. Sumter Charleston, South Carolina Guarded the city's harbor. Fort needed to be resupplied, if not it would have fallen to Confederate forces. What does Lincoln do: Abandon the fort or abandon the Union? Confederate forces bombard the fort and force the Union troops to surrender No casualties during this battle. Activities Strengths and Weaknesses of the North and South. Read the article. Create a graphic organizer that shows the advantages and disadvantages of the North and the South. Strategies of the North and South Read page 355-356 Create a graphic organizer that explains the way that the South and North hoped to achieve victory during the Civil War. Your G.O. should also include how both Northerners and Southerners felt about their respective strategies. DO NOW:
In your opinion, what do you think was the
main cause of the Civil War? my family tree Here's my dad. Here's my mom!
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