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Beowulf Code of Loyalty

No description

Jenn Sych

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Beowulf Code of Loyalty

What is the code of loyalty? How is this shown in Beowulf? How is the society structured? What is important to the warriors in Beowulf? Beowulf Code of Loyalty The Code of Loyalty Activity Time -strength, courage and loyalty in warriors -Beowulf's loyalty to Hrothgar Examples shown in Beowulf -male dominated Structure of Society #1 - Protection of their King Important to the warriors

1. Main theme
2. Man reigning the Kingdom
3. Main character
4. Language used
5. Son of Queen Hygd
8. Antagonist -hospitality, generosity and political skills in kings -all moral judgements stem from the code -Beowulf's loyalty to Heardred -Wiglaf's loyalty to Beowulf and vice-versa -King -King's warriors -Code of Primogeniture #2 - Protection of their kingdom #3 - Loyalty to the other warriors Across

5. Has ties to Beowulf's family
6. Stood up for Beowulf in battle against monster
7. Type of monster in story
9. Number of men Beowulf took to battle
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