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Alex Lozano

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of BILL OF RIGTHS

THE BILL OF RIGTHS 1st Amendment 2nd Amendment 3rd Amendment 4th Amendment 5th Amendment 6th Amendment 7th Amendment 8th Amendment 9th Amendment 10th Amendment Bibliography activistwannabe.blogspot.com R.A.P.P.S. Freedom of religion, assembly,
press, petition, and speech. Right to bear arms.
This means we can own guns or weapons. libertymusings.com No quartering of troops. You are not force to
give shelter to soldiers. In the DOI the 3rd act
was a grievance. 3rd act: quartering of troops. advanceindiana.blogspot.com
glogster.com The right of people to be secure in their houses.People decide if the police can go in or not until they get a search warrant. If you win a case in court you cannot go to court for the same reason. In court if they ask you a question and you don't want to answered you just say i apply the fifth and you don't have to say it. The right to a speedy and public trial. This means you can have a fair trial not like when the colonist where send to England to have their trials over there. teaareacomputerwiki.pbworks.com http://www.law.cornell.edu/constitution/billofrights http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Bill_of_Rights The right of trial by jury.Your case can be decide by the jury. squidoo.com No cruel and unusual punishment. Officers aren't suppose to torture you in any type of you. webpages.scu.edu That certain rights should not be deny. zazzle.com It established the division of powers between the federal an state government and it limited.
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