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Rivers 2 : What are Drainage Basins and why are they adapted for human use?

BGS GCSE Geography OCR B

Aidan Hesslewood

on 30 June 2015

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Transcript of Rivers 2 : What are Drainage Basins and why are they adapted for human use?

Learning Routes

How much progress did you make?
What connects these rivers?
A Drainage Basin, or catchment area, is an area of land drained by a river and its tributaries (smaller rivers and streams that feed the main river). The main river will usually flow into a sea (sometimes a lake).
Cut out the template. Make sure you cut up the vertical line.
Using a brown crayon, shade around the circumference of the circle
Using a blue crayon, shade in the left triangle. Draw some blue lines from the top of the triangle to the edges (make them look like a main river and some tributaries
Number these features on your template: 1. Watershed, 2. Source, 3. Mouth, 4. Confluence, 5. Tributary
Glue the remaining blank triangle
Stick the glued triangle under the shaded triangle so that it fits neatly
Open your book to a double page; glue the triangle and bottom sides of the diagram; stick this firmly across the crease of the book - the tip of the triangle should correspond to the crease
It should look like this!
Give your pop-up a title, and neatly correspond the numbers (features) with definitions in your book
Close your book!
Pop-up Drainage Basin!
The area of high land forming the edge of a river basin
Demonstrate Learning...
One - reason why this would be useful in another subject
Two - things that you have enjoyed this lesson
Three - things that you learnt
Four - the most important things to remember
A small river or stream that feeds a larger river
The point at which two rivers meet
Where a river meets the sea
Where a river begins
What are Drainage Basins, and why are they adapted for human use?
To do...

Fix uniforms
Equipment out and ready to work
Books open
Complete the task when told
Understand how drainage basins comprise part of the hydrological cycle
Describe the features of a drainage basin; locate the Colorado River basin and explain why it has been modified through human activity
Use the resources to complete the following:
1. Locate the Colorado River Basin and include some key points (rivers, cities etc.)
2. Briefly describe how the basin has been modified by human activity
3. Create a mind map illustrating the social, economic and environmental aspects of the modifications (e.g. the social reasons behind controlling water; the environmental impacts etc.)
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