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What Makes Things and People Wonderful by LewPon

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of What Makes Things and People Wonderful by LewPon

Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Jones is great because she is teaching Roger a lesson by not taking him to jail or calling the cops.She is giving him a chance to stop stealing from others.
Great Thing About The Book Wonder
The great thing about Wonder is that the author is showing to be nice to people.A good example is Summer. She makes a club with him and understands him and doesn't ask about his problem.And she only cares who he is.And Jack he does something but doesn't mean it and feels really bad and is friends with August again by apologizing.
My Cousin
My cousin Natasha Henry is a good example of persistence because she will go over the limits even when shes hurt or just doesn't feel like doing it she will do it.
August From Wonder
Lotus Blossum
Lotus Blossum is a great insperation.Because of how strong she is.She was in a wheelchair for a long time. Then she could walk after all those years of being grateful for the wheelchair she could walk.
She is friends with August(which everyone thinks he's weird)and she doesn't even care about what people think.She only cares about the things that matter like his personality.But people are making fun of August and she is very nervous.
Don is a great person for using his time for thinking of others.He made free wheelchairs for people who can't walk instead of thinking about himself.
What Makes Things and People Wonderful!
My Book Wonder
My book Wonder shows how some people are nice and mean.In the book most people are nice to August by not asking about his face.That's how everyone should be because were all human.So whats better?Being nice and making others including yourself feel good about yourself Or being a jerk and making them and yourself feel bad.
Shes Number 4
August from the book Wonder is a great example of someone who keeps on moving even when somethings holding him back.Like all of those people who are mean and make fun of him at school.He will avoid them and just doesn't care what they say unless they are backstabbers to him kinda like Jack but they made up.
Because they think she and August are dating.
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