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Introduction to Rhetoric

No description

Amanda Garner

on 28 September 2017

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Transcript of Introduction to Rhetoric

Introduction to Rhetoric
1. Rhetoric is defined as "the art of using words to persuade in writing or speaking." The words create a visual image in the reader or listener's mind that persuades them on a topic.
a writer or speaker uses to persuade his audience. If I am
to you, you will trust what I have to say!


Greek for

appeals to the character and believability, credibility, or reliability of the speaker.
If you trust
the speaker, you will believe what they say. However,
if you do not trust
the speaker, they are not
to your

Examples of appeal to ethos would be:
1. a celebrity endorsing a product
2. a teenager saying they should be allowed to do something because they have never gotten in trouble
3. a politician being chosen for election based on their character
is a method of
uses logic and reasoning
to attempt to persuade an audience.

Logic is facts, statistics, data, direct quotes, etc.

Examples of Logos would be:
1. An advertisement that states facts about an issue.
2. If/then statements. If smoking causes cancer, then it must be bad.
Pathos is an appeal
to the audience's emotions.

These appeals include statements that appeal to the five senses and usually include imagery,
which awaken the senses and perhaps manipulate the emotions of an audience.

Examples of Pathos:
1. a politician kissing a baby or shaking an elderly lady's hand.
2. pictures of cute animals who need adopting.
Who do you trust more? Which person appeals more to your ethos?
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