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Design Proposals

No description

Kathleen Estoesta

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Design Proposals

Design Proposals What is a Design Proposal Brief? What is a Design Proposal? “ Where art is primarily concerned with aesthetics, design is essentially a problem-solving discipline. Great design, therefore, must begin with a comprehensive understanding of the business problem that needs to be solved and this is the purpose of a design brief.

A design brief is a written document that thoroughly explains the problem that needs to be solved by a designer or designer team. It should primarily focus on results of design, outcomes of design, and the business objectives of the design project.”-

Design Council UK What is a Design Brief? Is a bit of both. It states the goals, scope and context (supported by research) of a design project.A proposal supported by research better ensures the viability (success) of the project. A Design Proposal sells or proposes the project to the reader/client to get investment in the project. The written document, the agreement between the client and the primary consultant. The background should outline the context of the design proposal. Your research is based on the analysis of your selected site. Include all your precedents (i.e. images which inspired you), sketches as they will form part of your research. The Design Opportunity and Contribution should state what you are doing and its importance. The Scope should cover what the project entails. Consider the various aspects of the design opportunity/problem and what parts of your proposal will address. The Objectives should identify what your proposal will achieve Now that you’ve researched the key areas and analysed your findings; you should be able to articulate a strategy for your design opportunity. Be sure to emphasise the rationale behind your strategy (i.e. how your research supports your logic). Background Design Opportunity and Contribution Objectives Scope Research Strategy Concept
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