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Keffer Christmas Prezi

copy - create - share - enjoy!

Paige Keffer

on 25 December 2013

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Transcript of Keffer Christmas Prezi

Wishing you a fantastic holiday season and a Happy New Year!
We had a GREAT year as a family and hope you did, too! Here are some highlights:

In April, Ross proposed to his girlfriend Olivia. She said "yes" and they are planning a September 2014 wedding!
In June, the lacrosse team that Paige helps coach won the State Championship!
In May, Blair graduated from The University of Georgia, with a degree in Animal Science, and adopted a puppy, Hannah. GO DAWGS!
Also in June, Mark & Beth celebrated their 33rd Wedding Anniversary......
Next month is the 39th anniversary of their first date!
They are happy another kid is "off the payroll" and are enjoying time in Atlanta and Hilton Head.
Speaking of Hilton Head - we celebrated our 25th year of vacationing on our beloved island with the Winfreys. Quite a milestone!
It wasn't all good news this year. We lost Beth's mom, Paula, to lung cancer in September, but we know her spirit lives on. We love you, Mamaw!
We hope your family is enjoying the Holiday season thus far, and, shameless plugs, gotten your firewood at Home Depot (Ross), your news from AOL (Paige) and your new phones from AT&T (Mark). Be on the lookout for future notes about Blair's Veterinarian Clinic - Open ~2020. In case you were wondering, Beth continues to keep us all together
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