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No description

Danny Ziegler

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Scientology

Scientology 8=D Xenu Probably the most ridiculed belief in Scientology
is the story of the evil lord Xenu. Scientologists
believe that knowledge of this event can cause illness
and even death if one is not properly prepared. He/she
must achieve the level of OT III (Operating Thetan III)
before they are deemed ready to view the information.
The writing by L. Ron Hubbard details how the planets
of the "Galactic Federation" were grossly over-
populated. Xenu set out to solve this problem by
sending them to Earth and placing H bombs in
volcanoes to kill them. We however, have no
knowledge of this event because misleading data
was placed in the escaped souls of these people
(called thetans) by means of a massive 3-D cinema,
shown for 36 days. Few Key Teachings: Every person is an immortal spirit called a Thetan.
Thetans live in a separate universe, and control our bodies.
Scientology is the path to spiritual freedom, and having the ability to willingly move around and affect the material world as the Thetan you are.
All of our problems, worries, fears, etc. are caused by past traumatic experiences our Thetan has encountered.
Controversy There has been much controversy surrounding
scientology for many reasons. One being the numerous scandals surrounding the church. One such occurance was "Operation Snow White," in which high ranking members of the church broke into government agencies to destroy unfavorable records about Scientology and its founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Scientology has also been criticized, being called a scam due to the large amounts of donations given by its members, and claims that Hubbard's true intentions were solely financial gain.
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