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Gathering Blue Plot Diagram

No description

Reno Casino

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Gathering Blue Plot Diagram

Time: Undetermined Future
Place: Post-Apocalyptic America
Characters: Kira; Matt; Thomas; Jo; Jamison; Vandara; Christoper; Annabella
Problem: Kira tries to uncover the truth in a society surrounded in secrets.
Rising Action
When disabled orphan Kira gets evicted from her home following her mother's death and a trial by brutish Vandara.
She lives in a luxurious building as long as she weaves, a skill which she is very good at.
She keeps contact with her poor, adventurous friend Matt and his dog Branch.
Rising Action (Part 2)
She makes friends with a talented carver named Thomas and a young singer girl named Jo.
They discover that they are all orphaned artists.
Kira goes to a local dyer named Annabella, and learns to dye thread.
After Annabella tells Kira that her fear of beasts is unneeded because there are none, Annabella passes away mysteriously.
Rising Action (Part 3)
Kira becomes suspicious of the institution after Annabella's death; she continues to weave.
One day Matt runs away from the village and Kira investigates.
She discovers that he ran away to find blue, but Kira doesn't know what that means.
Kira goes to the annual Gathering and finds Matt there.
He gives her a square of rare blue clothe and a blind man who is Kira's supposedly dead father.
Gathering Blue Plot Diagram
Kira's father lived in a village of refuges from different places after he was knocked out by Jamison and left to die.
Her father asks Kira to go to the community, but she decides to stay behind.
Falling Action
Kira's dad and Matt stay in the Kira's village for a few days and then go back to their own.
Matt becomes the Messenger between the two villages.
By Nate Schmidlin
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