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No description

Simon Wu

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of James

a one stop site for all your action sport needs
Please Allow us to (Re)Introduce Ourselves

Neil Shaw
Kilgo Livingston
Joon Park
Simon Wu
The Market Opportunity
Market Opportunity
action sports market is a niche specialty
most sales made online
market lacks companies that have the knowledge to best serve customers (a void we will be filling)
first web seller with online community to provide added value to the entire experience
User customizable profile to enhance online action sport shopping (a pioneer in this market)
Meet the Competition
Online Sellers...
(U.S. is responsible for 40.5% of global action sports equipment market)
Brick and Clicks
Another Competitor is brick and mortar shops, but because of market pressures, they are transitioning towards becoming brick and clicks
Business Model
The Value
A one stop shop for all your action sport needs
Very few other companies who do this
A feeling of community for "simple boarders"
Revenue Model
Allow customization, but create a base model
Contract the low-cost overseas manufacturers
rely on repeat customers because of strong loyalty
Brand strength will be important to drive sales
Initial Revenue primarily from Product Sales
Secondary Income: Ads, Affiliates, Sponsorships, Auctions
Competitive Advantage
Fully interactive user profile
digital shopping avatar
Online community with action sport blog, chat, news, and shopping help
Quality customizable products
Market Strategy
Enter industry as an e-tailer providing newest technology to attract customers
ability to customize, auctions, virtual models, avatar, second life
target towards 12-28 age group
main for of adverstising: social networking/ media
advertisements during nationwide events
Organizational Development
Simple Boards is Compose of...
Founded by 4 Georgetown students
Hiring employees that have graduate college and are knowledgeable in action sports
Web, Sales, Social, Supply, Networking/Marketing, Accounting
Management Team
sales team
database manager
advertising team
inventory manager
social media/networking head
supplier liasons
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