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2012 Achievment

I. Understand the Assignment; II. Choose a topic; III. Gather Background Info; IV. Develop a research question

Eng Mkaram

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of 2012 Achievment

Achievement Week Skewed Queries Before:
skewed query consumes
majority of any virtual
processors at a time

Avoid pervious problems affecting overall system availability caused by skewed query using all resources for a certain AMP Daily Reports Day 3 System Migration Expansion/ Upgrade Questions to ask: ODS Migration Teradata Upgrade Enhancement Teradata Upgrade Benifits Support Blocking Tool ViewPoint DBQL Automatic Space Allocation Documentation Security Revamp Monitoring Now Watch This interesting! meow. Mohamed Tahoon Enhancement Performance OPERATION IT DB Team Policy Revamp Upgrade BAR Hardware Restore Data Protection Backup & Recovery Revamp Daily, Weekly and Monthly Policies Reschedule the backup job to run without affecting performance After upgrade we have the ability to restore a certain table form backup piece without restoring the whole backup image. After upgrade we manage to cleanup the backup repository and make the restore time faster Replace 7 BAR Servers with only 2 Servers And Master Server Replace the Old Tape Drives with the latest one (LTO4) and increase it to be 8 instead of 6 Member of the GREAT "IT DB Team" hot stuff Special Thanks For IT SA Team, IT App Support DWH Team, IT EIM DI Team and
Mr. Mohamed AbdErahim ` App Support DWH SA Team
Network Team
Windows Team IT Management EDWH
Team Special Thanks My Wonderful Team All EIM team Members
and Mr. Mohamed AbdElrahim All DB Team Members
Mr. Ahmad Kamal
Mr. Ashraf Elsawy All Support Team Members
Mr. Ahmed Elhawary All Teams Members Mr. Hossam Zakaria All IT Managers
Mr. Mohamed Elshehi
Mr. Khaled Elmansori Drexel Libraries. "CREDO Reference" YouTube. Web. 7 Sept. 2011. Welcome Back :) So What?? Latest Engine: V12 -> V13.10
More Storage: 24 TB -> 40 TB
Newest Technology: SSD Disks
New Features: Hot & Cold data
Powerful Hardware: 5550 -> 6690
More Reports and Projects Immediate Backup Alert The Problem:
If weekly backup failed (which is a very huge backup and takes almost 8 hours, we realize it next day and it takes time to fix the problem which lead to miss this week backup

We developed an immediate backup alert which send immediate SMS once backup failed, and we didn't miss any more weekly backups :) -A Web-based portal for performance and workload monitoring.
-Users privileges enforced by business group membership.
-Viewport authentication through LDAP accounts.

-Easy identification for system Health for all users.
-Monitoring for status , execution plan and time for running queries.
-No monitoring Client installation needed.-Monitor production, development using same session through single portal. Query Tuning Commisioning TRM SNA Reports PLs Teradata recommendation to have 20-25% of free space Last two months we approached 15% at Month end Frequent performance problem due to space shortage Solution (1) Delete unused tables
-Usage analysis for all production and development tables
-Collaboration with all stake holders for approved tables for deletion

-More than 5000 tables deleted
-Space Saving around 1.5 Tb Solution (2) Block Level Compression
-Compression for least used tabled based on usage analysis

-Space Saving around 3.4 Tb Solution (3) Value based compression
- Compression for TDB, PLDB Database

-More space retained (almost 25% space gain) Collect Stats Revamp & VALIDATION Problem Speaker: Mahmoud Karam
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