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3rd class lever

science pres.

arisbeth garcia

on 1 December 2011

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Transcript of 3rd class lever

3rd Class lever! What is it? It's a lever in which the axis is at one end, the load at the other end, and the effort is exerted in between, as in a treadle Examples! Baseball Bat
diving board
mouse trap
fishing rod

How does it make work easier? The lever can make work easier by using minimal force.
Only a small amount of effert is needed to move the lever
on the fulcrum and it causes the lever to swing over coming resistance. When you broom, the broom's
long handle gives you greater
reach for your effort. In what ways do we use it? Some ways that we use 3rd class lever
are when we pick up a cup of glass, when
we cut thing with a knife, eat,
open doors, and when we mop or broom and ect..
There are alot of ways that we can use it:) By: Arisbeth Garcia
Yulissa Maldonado buhh bye !
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