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Intro to Sociology

chapter 1

Matt Reynolds

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Intro to Sociology

Auguste Comte
What is
Why are you in college?
What if you lived here?
Why are you taking this class?
The scientific study of human society
and social interaction
human interaction
institutions of society
How can I know more about myself and the society I live in?
Sociological imagination

Sociological Perspective

Global Perspective
look at myself from a different perspective
The general in the particular
Strange in the familiar
Origins of sociology
Structural changes in Europe
18th and 19th centuries
Most common Sociology careers:
Criminal Justice / Legal systam
Government or Private Research
Social Services
sociology major
sociology major
C. Wright Mills
Using our sociological imagination is when we recognize the social and historical forces that impact our individual circumstances and positions.
"The Sociologist does not look at phenomena that nobody else is aware of ...but looks at the same phenomena in a different way" - Peter Berger
Sociology motto: Things are not what they seem
5 Paths of sociological Knowledge

1) Personal Experiences Drive the kinds of knowledge a Sociologist finds interesting, as well as the kinds of knowledge he or she works to create.

2) Sociologist create knowledge by applying the ideas of those considered giants in the discipline.

3) Sociologists Ask Key Question to guide them in the creation of knowledge.

4)Every Discipline has a motto that drives the kind of knowledge it creates – “Things are not what they seem”

5) The compelling issues of the day shape the kind of knowledge sociology creates.

Sociology Motto:
"things are not what
they seem"
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