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Smog In Ontario!!!

No description

Bryan Wood

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Smog In Ontario!!!

The government of Canada is working with the provincial government, municipal government and federal government. He is working with these three governments because the federal ,provincial and municipal governments are in charge of the things in Ontario, which is effecting them too.
How is the government working with another to solve this issue!!!
Who Is It Mostly Effecting!!!
What 's The Government Doing About The Smog !!!
Smog In Ontario!!!
What Should Be Done!!!
The government of Canada is taking action of clean air that will bring benefits in a short time. He will be bringing clean air especially in areas where there are vehicles and the fuels that power them.Clean air is being addressed by actions or transportation admissions!
What's The Issue!!!
The issue is that there is no clean air.
It is causing smog and it is effecting many people. It is also causing death to some people. the mixture of gases are not good and there are the two key components of smog. They are ground level ozone and fine particulate matter.
It is mostly effecting people with heart or lung disease,children, people with asthma,and elderly. Which means they have to wear a mask or stay home in smoggy days because its not good for them and they could get sick.

We could help by using small engines instead of big ones and plant plenty of trees, taking the bus instead of a car because a bus holds lots of people so that will make less pollution, riding your bike and decreasing the amount of air conditioning. That way we are helping make cleaner air.
by Khulood, Kyra ,
Amber and Sejude

Smog is often in the summer time but not often in the winter time.
Ontario smog is getting cleaner since people been using less air pollution. Ground level ozone and fine particulate matter are carried into Ontario from the U.S.
The smog in Ontario is caused by the air pollution because the air is not clean. Where the vehicles are it is hard to see and could cause accidents. The vehicles also have to get a smog check.
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