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Australian Poetry Analysis

Year 12 English

Dani M

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Australian Poetry Analysis

Does not divulge a story
Beauty and Wilderness of AUSTRALIA
Explicitly refers Australia to 'A land of "Drought and Flooding Rain"

"Field and "Coppice" Not in Australia
Written in England (the mother country) Link Between Poems The last two stanzas of Hope’s ‘Australia’ - untouched wilderness
‘My Country’ by Dorothea MacKellar
Centre of Australia is like the desert - vocalizing the aspect of droughts
One can escape if shifted away
Many Australians take the beautiful country for granted. ‘droughts and flooding rains’
contrasts suggest nature’s power and man’s helplessness before it. However, these contrasts for AUSTRALIAN POETRY A Land of Drought and Flooding Rain My Country
by Dorothea Mackellar Australia by A.D Hope "I Know but I cannot share it my love is otherwise"
"The core of my heart, my country!" AMBIGUITY 'Read between the lines' for deeper meaning "An opal-hearted country" Beauty Strength Australian Spirit Insulting way of expressing love
Simile: "Five cities, like five teeming sores'
Personification: “Each drains her”

“The river of her immense stupidity floods her monotonous tribe”
Targets intelligence of every-day Australian
Metaphor “flooding”
Referring to Australians as stupid Negative Connotations ALLITERATION: ‘d’ and ‘g’, in the words ‘drab green and desolate grey’; providing a dreary perspective on Austr ‘Drab Green desolate grey' Positive Connotations ADJECTIVES: ‘flooding’ and ‘sunburnt'
Emphasizes the pure beauty of Australia MacKellar A.D HOPE MacKellar Rhythm and Rhyme ABBA rhyming scheme
softens the harsh tone of the poem
easier to read no regular rhyme scheme
every stanza -rhyming words ‘Australia’ ‘My Country’ "me" Flow like a river
"Flooding rains"
"It running in your veins"
The flow of life No Rhythm Rhyme Rhythm Rhyme "plains” "rains" "sea" Rhythm Juxtaposition of Opposites MacKellar Both poets clearly emphasize the aspect of “Australia as a land of ‘drought and flooding rains’” A.D Hope
‘lush jungle’ with ‘Arabian Desert Australia as ‘her’
Personal touch
Feel sympathy Personification A.D Hope
Australia- Ancient Sphinx,
‘Endless, outstretched paws’
vocalizes the important aspect of Australian identity Both Poets 'My Country’ - Clear illustration of Patriotic Passion Hope’s Poem- More Critical
ALTHOUGH EFFECTIVE Both poems illustrate a love of Australia, a harsh and beautiful land. Australian identity is well established mutually in these poems as they vocalize the important aspect of “Australia as a land of ‘drought and flooding rains’”. Personification Metaphors Alliteration AUSTRALIAN IDENTITY "The Love" Opening Stanza Distanced The Poet Following the First Stanzas "I LOVE" -Patriotic Emotions Her Homeland "The Core of My Heart My Country" "My Homing Thoughts will FLY" - Homesickness INTEGRITY
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