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Quality of Life Planning in the Layton Boulevard West Neighborhoods

The lecture will describe the year-long Quality of Life planning process that Layton Boulevard West Neighbors (LBWN) undertook in 2011 as part of the Zilber Neighborhood Initiative. They will discuss community engagement efforts, the creation of a sh

Daniel Adams

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Quality of Life Planning in the Layton Boulevard West Neighborhoods

2012 and Beyond
Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative
Shifted focus from organizing around problems to building around assets
Zilber Neighborhood Initiative
Started in 2008 with Lindsey Heights and Clarke Square
Quality of Life Planning Process
Quality of Life Plan Implementation
The Beginning
LBWN Founded by the School Sisters of St Francis in 1995
July - August
January - March
Neighborhood Wide Meeting
Developed 7 Strategy Areas
Focus Groups, Work Groups, & Design Visioning Sessions
Focus and Work Groups were held for each of the 7 strategies
4 Design Visioning Sessions were held with the help of Community Design Solutions
Arlington Heights Park
Burnham Park
Pierce Street
Main Corridors & Streetscape
Neighborhood Wide Meeting
Shared the goals under the 7 strategies
Prioritized strategies
Identified 11 catalytic projects
Finalized the Quality of Life Plan
Quality of Life Plan Unveiled
75 One-on-One Interviews
Business Owners
School Representatives
Church Leaders
Neighborhood Meetings & the PAC
24 Quality of Life Plan Meetings were held
Over 250 neighbors and partners participated in the planning process
Originally worked around 4 main areas
Community Organizing
Crime & Safety
Economic Development
Housing Improvements
LBWN was a founding member of the HNI
4 main focus areas
Neighborhood Image
Neighborhood Market
Neighborhood Management
Physical Conditions
Layton Boulevard West is named as the 3rd ZNI neighborhood in 2010
$50 million commitment from the late Joe Zilber to help improve Milwaukee neighborhoods.
Silver City
Burnham Park & Layton Park
Plan Advisory Committee (PAC)
Developed Neighborhood Vision
Welcoming Community
Place of Pride
Economically Vibrant Neighborhood
Youth Education
and Leadership
Existing Efforts
Turnkey Renovation Program
New Efforts
Mobile Bike Hub
LBWN Rent-to-Own Homes
Home Improvements
Public Space Improvements
Most Improved Home Contest
Asset Mapping
Identifying Strengths
Building relationships
Garnering Trust
29th & Burnham Pocket Park
Madison Garden
Lessons Learned
Take the time to get the know the area and the community.
When in doubt, revisit the plan.
It's good to dream big, but keep your plans and action steps grounded in reality.
Intentionally build partnerships and relationships from day one. Leverage these relationships as the planning process progresses.
Start small and grow as the planning process proceeds.
Additional Information and Questions
Dan Adams - daniel@lbwn.org
Jezamil Vega-Skeels - jezamil@lbwn.org
Quality of Life Planning in the
Layton Boulevard West Neighborhoods

Quality of Life Plan - http://www.lbwn.org/files/QLPF_LBWFullPlan.pdf
~21,000 people
~33% below age 18
Median household income near the City of Milwaukee median household income (~$32,500)
Homeownership rate of parcels around 80%
Building from strengths
Community Support and Engagement
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