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Dallas Cowboys.

No description

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys.
Team Information
Our team name is the Dallas cowboys.
They are located in the United States of America in Arlington Texas .
There stadiums longitude and latitude is 32 North and 97 West.
There region is in the Southwest,and this region mostly speaks English and Spanish.The physical features of the Southwest is mountains, plains, and dessert.

History of the cowboys
The team was established in 1960.The founder was Clint Murchinso Jr.
The reason the chose the first stadium area is because they wanted to be in Dallas and close for people to come and watch the game.
The cowboys 1st victory over the Steelers was 27- 25.
Interesting Facts
Before they had cheerleaders they had high school cheerleaders cheer for them.
Dallas cowboys were known as Dallas skeeters and Dallas rangers.(They didn't whant to get confused by the baseball team
The mascot connects with this region because it is how Texas used to be. "cowboys."
Map of the region
The stadiums name is AT&T stadium.It got its name from AT&T.
The stadium used to called Cowboys stadium.
Since AT&T stadium bought out the Cowboys stadium they changed the name.
Stadium Infomation
Mascots and Nicknames
The team mascot is Rowdy who looks like a cowboy.
There is couple nicknames for the Dallas cowboys like,The Big D, comma Domesday Defense, The Americans, and The Boys.
I think team mascot and the nickname connects with this region because most people think of Texas as cowboys and western so the nicknames and the mascot goes together great.
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Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders and team
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