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MLA step by step Citations

For 6th Grade: Explains the why and how of MLA book citations for beginners.

Betsy Whetstone

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of MLA step by step Citations

MLA Citation Can someone steal an idea?
SHOULD someone steal an idea?
Can someone BORROW an idea?
What are some rules you might want to have for using someone’s ideas? What is stealing? What can be stolen? Why must we cite sources that we use to find information? [Hint: This is your essential question!] Citation: Information about a source that lets other people identify and find that source Works Cited (Bibliography): A list of citations Books:
So what are we looking for? Title Author Publisher Place of Publication Date of Publication Full name of the source Who wrote the source Company that printed the source Where the source was printed The most recent year the source was printed Where can I find these? Cover Title Page Copyright page Now you try it... Autobiography of my Dead Brother Autobiography of My Dead Brother Myers, Walter New York, NY HarperTempest 2005 You've got it! Don't forget to summarize... Periodicals Encyclopedias Websites You will need to collect the following information:
1. author name: last name first;

2. full title of the work: newspaper and periodical titles are underlined or italicized; article titles are put in quotation marks; and

3.publication information: this will vary according to the amount of information available--follow the examples. magazines, journals, newspapers Fowler, Jennifer Jill. “Hilly Hundred Tour Called ’the best
ever.’” Bloomington Herald-Times 12 Oct. 1992: A1. Frazer, Lance. “Yours, Mine, or Ours: Who Owns the Moon?”
Space World Nov. 1986: 24-26. What you need:

Author(s) name
Source (journal, magazine, newspaper, etc. name)
Publication date
Section and/or page number(s)
Database & subscription service name
Name of the library or library system (where accessed)
Date you accessed the information
URL Read, Brock. "Seriously, iPods are Educational." The Chronicle of
Higher Education 18 Mar. 2005, Information Technology:
30. Academic. LEXIS-NEXIS. IU Libraries. 5 July 2005.
<http://web.lexis-nexis.com/universe/>. What you need:
Author's name (if provided)
article name
name of reference book
Subscription year
page numbers Avery, Jennie. "Poland." Encyclopedia Britannica. 2nd ed. 1994.

"Euthanasia." Encyclopedia of World Ethics. 3rd. ed. 7th vol. New
York: Simon Press, 2001. 54-68. Note: if using an online service for any resource include:
date you accessed the information
url address One more thing: if an online service provides the citation...... You may it to your document! copy and paste or reference books in volumes, anthologies, and collections Try to locate as much of this information as possible. It's o.k. if you can't find all of it.
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