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Agricultural Transition

No description

Steph Gorges

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Agricultural Transition

Turning Point or Shift in History
Neolithic Transition

Turning Point: From hunter-gather to the development of agriculture
Neolithic Age
deliberate planting of grains for later harvest
raising of domesticated animals or livestock
animal husbandry (breeding)
Effects of
Agricultural Transition:
surplus of food = ability for population to increase
Population Explosion
people began to settle around fields
Emergence of villages/cities
division of labor into specific trades
Specialization of Labor
Use of animal for other products - hides, wool, milk, etc
Secondary Products Revolution
Specialization of labor = some focus on new technology
Increase in Technology
Details, details, & more details...
Set out binder with post - it note with your name on it

Fill out textbook reports - Strayer (& Bentley if you are keeping it)

Return Bentley textbook to cart if you don't want it (and mark RETURNED on sheet)
Fill out supply sheet with name & turn in supplies

Organize Binder:
Syllabus (back/pocket)
Unit Cover Sheet
Schedule (if not on back)
Study Guide
Note-taking Methods
Strayer Notes p.11-29
Paleolithic Video Notes
Today's Notes HERE
(Summer Notes)
Paleolithic Era:
What notes did you write for the videos?
What is your style of note-taking?
Paleolithic Era: Stone Age

1. Stone Tools
2. Pre-History (before writing)
3. Hunter-Gathering Lifestyle
Notetaking Style #1:
Cornell Method
Note-taking Method #2:
Outline Method
SQ4R Textbook Strategy:

Text p.61-67
New sheet of paper for notes
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