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How did the WMSCOG receive The UK Queen's Award?

The WMSCOG has received The UK Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service 2016. Among a total of 193 recipients, charities, social enterprises and voluntary groups, the WMSCOG is the only religious organization. More information: http://award.watv.org/queen


on 28 April 2017

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Transcript of How did the WMSCOG receive The UK Queen's Award?

It’s really incredible!
The procedure for selecting
a recipient is very strict...

That’s right,
the procedure of selecting
a recipient is very rigorous
and prudent.
Constant volunteer service for

more than 3 years
Procedure for assessment & selection
The World Mission Society Church of God has received
The UK Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service!?
Then, what is
The Queen’s Award?
Allow me to explain:)
What is The UK Queen’s Award?
The UK Queen’s Award was created in 2002
to celebrate
the 50th anniversary
of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.
The UK Queen’s Award
The recipient of The UK Queen’s Award
is qualified to be an
MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire)
Visit and Appraisal
the Lord Lieutenant
in the relevant county
Evaluation by
Specialist on voluntary service
Assessment Panel
Main Award Committee
Confirmation from
Cabinet Office & Minister
Queen’s approval
The World Mission Society
Church of God has carried out volunteer services constantly
for four years
in the U.K.

Support and recognition
beneficiaries and societies

Rigorous assessment and confirmation
from the British Government
Through this rigorous inspection,
the World Mission Society Church of God
was recognized to be able to use
the Queen’s emblem and the title of MBE
and it was decided as a winner through a rigorous assessment process
for three years
the Queen’s approval.
Among a total of 193 charities,
social enterprises, and voluntary groups,
the only religious organization
the World Mission Society Church of God.
The highest honor

in the UK that puts emphasis
on honor
It is
the most prestigious award
a voluntary group can receive

in the 53 member states of
the Commonwealth
(Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc)
Congratulations to
the World Mission Society Church of God MBE
for receiving The Queen’s Award
for Voluntary Service!
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