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CPI111 Life Lessons and Things

Mario Images from Google Image Search. Finally Finishing up Engineering, as well as going over Fun vs. Done.

Jordan Nguyen

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of CPI111 Life Lessons and Things

. . .
Post-Assignment 2 Survey
Assignment 3
Midterm Demo

Questions, Comments, Concerns?
(1-3) Pre-Production
Game Development Pipeline
4. User Interface
5. Engineering
Of those 50, There's:
People who've used GameMaker before
People who've taken this class before
A Person who already has his own LLC
People in Different Majors (Art, Digital Culture, Computer Science, Informatics, Business, Math, Physics, Health & Exercise)
Everyone who has to do the assignment
There's 50 of you, and 1 of me
Chances are There's People Who
Have the same questions/problems as you.
Have figured out the answers/solutions.
I'm a Master's student (I have my own projects, assignments, & tests to worry about)
Email is generally slow
Should be used as last resort
(Bad Grammar)
Use your Resources!
Book & Internet
BYENG361 Friday Lab
Blackboard & Facebook
Office Hours
If you still need additional help, send me an email
Make the Most of What You Have
If your question's not on Blackboard/Facebook, then I'm not going to answer emails about it
From Now On:
Life Lesson #2
Get your Core Mechanic down
Where most of Gameplay occurs
Where players will be spending most time in
What you should get out of it
What not to do:
Film and Literature: "Show, Don't Tell"
Games: Do, Don't Show
Clarification: Class Participation
Asking Questions Blackboard/Facebook
Answering Questions Blackboard/Facebook
Frequency (doing something once, doesn't count!)
Lab Attendance
~1% Each
Open to Suggestions
Sending Private Emails NOT part of Class Participation
Over Reliance
Personal Gain
Alienates you from Class
(Up to 5%)
Life Lesson #1
MAT117 - College Algebra Confusion
Assumed you all Knew it (Not a Pre-req)
No one Brought it to my Attention
Late Announcement Notice (Friday)
My fault
Now worth 5 points instead of 10
If you made an Attempt, Get Full 5 Points
If you were able to Figure it Out, Get Full 5 Points + 5 Points Extra
Clarification: BYENG361 Friday Lab
It's a
a Tutoring Center!
a Study Session!
a Place to Solicit Help!
Meant as a Resource where you can Work Together to Figure Things out
Private (Generally) & Friendly Place where People in Game Certificate Program can Gather
Clarification: Book/Internet
Book Published in 2006
Tells you the
Expected to do some Research on your own (This is a College Course)
Expected to play around with (your) version of GameMaker (Think Engineering Lecture)
More than one way to do things (e.g. you don't have to use GameMaker's Sprite Editor)
Ask Now!
You don't want to Alienate People
Fez and Phil Fish
Two day Extension (just for 2 hours!)
Chapter 5 Open Lab, Open to Any Questions you all had!
QCC in Lectures, Class Leaves Early
Slowed Down Chapter 6 Lab, Class Still Leaves Early
Thing's I did differently from Assignment 1
Ask Questions!
Take Control of your own Education!
You've Already Paid for it!
I'm willing to go over what you all want me to go over, but I won't know unless you tell me.
Course Catalog Description
Introduces video game design, art theory, and concepts as they apply to video game development. Basic art principles used in game development. Covers the fundamental video game art principles of 2-D and 3-D composition, color theory, modeling, and lighting techniques. Demonstrates practical application of these art fundamentals in establishing style guides, concept art, storyboards, and in-game assets. Also includes game design, game production, asset production, and game programming. Hands-on experience by creating 2-D game prototypes belonging to different video game genres and evaluating the techniques.
Please let me know if you want anything else specifically from me
Clarification on Labs
Labs provide "Hands-on experience"
We don't have to go over the Chapters in the Book if you don't want to
Can go over Tutorials
Book & Assignments - Meant to give you experience
Final Project - Meant to combine what you've learned in Lectures with the Labs
Class is
about learning GameMaker!
Lectures provide Introductory Concepts
Purposely Somewhat Broad
Can be more Specific if you ask Questions
Similar to taking Side-Quests
Theoretically, you Should be Able to Take What you've Learned & be Able to Apply it
No Tests, I don't believe in Tests >.>
Clarification on Lectures
Please don't Send me Complaint Emails, that's What the Surveys are for! Plus, They're Anonymous!
RPG Example
Think of the basic RPG battle system. When you fight enemies, you gain experience points. Let's say you encounter multiple enemies. You are able to defeat the smaller enemies, but there is one really tough enemy you just can't beat. You have two options, either run, or try your best to defeat it. You gain no experience points for running. In fact, you lose some money if you do. If you continue fighting, however, you can still gain the experience points for the enemies you already killed. Additionally, there's still a chance, albeit small, you might actually win! Which one would you choose?
A. Run
B. Continue and Fight!
Real Life Example
Think of an indie company. When they make games, they make money. They're currently making a party game with lots of mini games. One day, the company loses a huge sponsorship and as a result, do not having the required funding to finish all the mini games planned for their game. Additionally, their deadline for the game is fast approaching. They have two choices, cancel the entire project or release the product as is with the mini games they did manage to complete. They gain no income for canceling and lose out on all their hard work for the past year or so. In fact, they may have to pay their publisher some cancellation fees. If they release the product with their bugs and glitches, they could still make some revenue. Additionally, there’s still hope it could become a moderate success! Which one would you choose?
A. Cancel the Project.
B. Release their Product.
Class Example
Think of your assignments. When you complete tasks, you earn points. Each assignment has multiple tasks. You can do the easy tasks, but there's some really hard tasks you just don't know how to do. You have two options, either not turn in anything, or try your best with what you have and turn in what you can do. You gain no points for not turning in anything, in fact, you may get penalty points for doing so. If you continue the assignment and turn something in, you still get the points for the tasks you've already completed. Additionally, there's still a chance, albeit small, you might still get an A (thanks to the optional extra tasks)! Which one would you choose?
A. Not Turning in Anything.
B. Turn in What you Have.
Life is a Role-Playing Game. The choices you make affects your future.

It's better to do something, then running away.
Life Lessons 3 & 4:
6. ???
7. ???
8. ???
9. Fun vs. Done
Fun vs. Done
Timelines are important!
Have to meet Deadlines
Have to be Selective on Features
Save for Next Week (Chapter 8)
Why is it Done?
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