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The Psychology of graphic Design Assignment

No description

Jennifer Hibbert

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of The Psychology of graphic Design Assignment

The End Perception Sensation Intellect The Psychology of
Graphic Design Emotion By: Jennifer Hibbert Identification Spirituality This image shows perception because it looks like she is cradling a baby, but she is actually holding her foot. This is implying of you use this foot lotion your skin will be as soft as a babies. This ad also has "eye-candy" because you use your sense of sight first when you look at this ad and her foot is the main focal point, making this picture unusual. This ad shows sensation because the toppings on the burger appear to be fresh, and the overall burger looks perfect with nothing in the wrong spot. When you first look at this ad you are using your sense of sight and taste because it is almost like you can imagine what it would taste like when you look at it. The ad tends to make you hungry for one, so you will actually crave it until you get one This advertisement shows emotion because the guy was on the phone with someone, when she ended up in a car accident and she died. This is shown by the blood splattering through the phone all over the guy. In the blood it says "Don't talk while she drives" implying a fairly new law do not talk on the cell phone while driving because you could get distracted for a second and it could end your life. This ad shows intellect because you first look at the two men in the living room and you don't really understand, so you look at the words that say "Understanding your energy usage helps us help you" then you understand why the man is hiding under the lamp shade. This ad shows identification because everyone knows the car brand Ford, and the company has been around for a long time. When you see this ad you will think the car is fun to drive like you are on a roller coaster and have more fun riding the car with the new summer tires on it and it makes you want the car. This ad shows reverberation because it is similar to the painting "Girl with a pearl earring" which a lot of people know. This as is advertising Zucchi which is a toiletry advertisement such as hair products shown in the towel on her hair. On the left side it says in italian "Puro cotone su tela," and that translates to "Pure cotton canvas." saying that the towels are really soft and are pure cotton. This will want people to buy it because they have seen this painting and will think it is a safe ad. Reverberation This image shows spirituality because it uses the earth as an ice cream scoop on the cone and the ice cream is melting because of global warming. This is artistic and mortal and it combines the two qualities to deliver a message to stop global warming and to warn people that the rates are going up so stop, and reduce global warming.
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