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Health Problems In Egypt

No description

Ingy Fawzy

on 25 November 2015

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Transcript of Health Problems In Egypt

Health Problems In Egypt
Hospitals In Egypt
Several Issues with Health Care
Shortage in medical supplies in hospitals
The number of sick people versus the number of beds available
Unnecessary procedures
Poor conditions in hospitals
Poverty as a contribute
Medical Supplies
Resources are scarce.
In 2013, medicine shortage meant that 600 medicines were unavailable for patients.
Large pharmaceutical companies were stiff-arming the Ministry of Health
Prices were then manipulated according to profitability goals

Unnecessary Procedures
The amount of procedures that patients undergo is substantial
Some blood tests and medical procedures are unneeded and place a financial burden on people

The Difference
Private hospitals are expensive, but offer relatively good health services
Public hospitals are cheap, but offer poor health services and encompass inhumane conditions.

Reality of Health Care in Egypt
Along with medicine shortages, hospitals don’t have enough resources to treat people.

People are given prescriptions to buy medication from external facilities.

Therefore, treatment would be very expensive.

Capacity for patients
For every 1,000 patients, 0.5 beds are available
According to the World Bank
Poor conditions in Hospitals
Along with wear and tear, the environment is inhumane

Inadequate for treatment of critical cases

Very poor hygiene, places immense risk on the patients wellbeing

It also increases the spread of communicable diseases
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