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Food For Thought

Sustainability project

Katalina Retana

on 30 November 2010

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Transcript of Food For Thought

Click anywhere & add an idea Ways to achieve SUSTAINABILITY
are all around us. Live off what
caRRY! The PROBLEM It all builds up! Only percent of the world's population
reside within North America and Europe.
This percent consumes percent of food 12 60 A third of humanity acounts
for only 3.2 percent Always keep in mind the steps to
achieving sustainability Dont make or waste
what you have! But money isn't always the answer to look at.
The value of dollars change but the need for food does not We waste roughly $205,479,452 in food a day. Eat from a local farm! Whether it be a farm in your backyard
or places like Joe's Farm Grill being on the
map for lunch you can feel safe and live
better knowing your food is
GMO, pesticide, irradiation,
and hidden chemical free :) That's around 96BILLION pounds a year S E A S N L L Y O A EAT Eating and purchasing seasonal food
provides a way to diminish the energy use in transportation,
increase freshness in quality, and supports communities
as well as their farmers.
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