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The Hidden Curriculum Vs. Formal Curriculum

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on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of The Hidden Curriculum Vs. Formal Curriculum

The Hidden Curriculum Vs. Formal Curriculum
By: Alexis, Meghan, & Megan

The hidden curriculum should be integrated into the formal curriculum...
To establish values
Cope with the controversy's in our world
Have positive role models
To build character
Making Sense of The Hidden Curriculum
"Lavoie (cited in Bieber, 1994) described "hidden curriculum" as important social skills that everyone knows, but no one is taught."
In the article Making Sense of The Hidden Curriculum we learn that as teachers we need to start instilling values into our students. Some children don't learn this at their homes and it would be very beneficial to learn this in the classroom.
Character Building Part of School Curriculum
Personal Connections
1. As a Maine Catholic School, Saint Dominic Academy evangelizes students by fostering faith, academic excellence, community, and service in a nurturing environment. Strong,
moral, and ethical principles guide every facet of our academic, athletic, social and spiritual formation program. Following the Dominican emphasis on learning and charity, St. Dom’s promotes the core values of faith,, personal integrity, and service to neighbor. Proven curriculum. Individual attention. Increasing levels of personal excellence. Acceptance at the college of your choice.
Discussion Question
Should schools be focused on educating their students on the values and beliefs of the school or the required information taught in the classroom?
2. The Mission of St. Thomas Aquinas High School is to transform the lives of our students through a rigorous Catholic education guided by the light of the Gospel...
Offering them the opportunity to develop their unique gifts;
Strengthening their personal faith and integrity;
Fostering within them a commitment to justice, service, and moral leadership.
3. The mission of interlakes high school is to foster quality teaching and learning, promote social responsibility and encourage personal growth.
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