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transcendentalist society project

No description

nate pribble

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of transcendentalist society project

Criminal Behavior


In our society we use trail by jury so if you have peace and keep peace in the society and you're a good person then you will have a greater change for less punishment
The environment

we would be in more of a rural outdoor nature society something simple it would have to be small because of our currency and we don't believe in a strict government but almost a society controlled by it's people
plus the smaller the easier to keep peace among the people
types of work
because of our currency system we believe in more of a merchant and very small business type of work and companies
It would be hard to have complex businesses or white collar workers since we don't have a coin or paper currency
The Currency

In our society we also believe in keeping the peace
so since we want peace we don't actually have paper or a coin currency
we believe in repaying in work or labor you scratch my back I scratch yours idea
The Flag
our society believes in heavy nonconforming and peace and freedom
our society's name
our society is a lot of being your self and not conforming to everyone
we strongly believe in being your own person
Q.C.T.E. pledge
I pledge to dream. I will pursue my dreams and make anything possible. I will let no one and nothing stop me from fulfilling my ideas and dreams. I will do everything in my power to be someone who others will remember. I will be one with nature and have inner peace. I will stand up for myself and be a nonconformist; I will put pride into my government; however, I will let them know my thoughts for a better world. Also I will stand for my ideas I pledge to the nation of Q.C.T.E.
so the name of our society is Q.C.T.E. or quit conforming to everyone
Also we include trading, because it's hard to go to a store or market and repay the owner in work so you barter for their items
our work system goes as fallowed, if someone does you a favor the person receiving the favor decides the amount of work they repay back I chose this because if someone does you a great favor and you repay them with little work then you can expect the same in return so most of our society runs off your own actions
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