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So you think you want to be a.....

Things that can help you prepare for your college search and admissions process. (Career Fair, 8th Grade)

Tyann Cherry

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of So you think you want to be a.....

So, I think I want to be a _________ Do I need to go to college for that? What is College? An educational institution
In ancient Rome - a club or society, a group of persons living together, under a common set of rules
A place to learn how to solve probelms
A place to gain experiences that will shape and inform your life and career
Community Colleges, State Schools, Private Schools, Vocational Training and Accreditation. What should I know Yourself:
Where do I fit in?
Your resources
Your budget
Your transcripts
Set goals
Find a mentor
Do your homework Note - These worksheets were developed based on Gardner and Jewler's "Your College Expereince: Strategies for Your Success." What's next? What can I do now?
What can I do in high school?
What can I do all of the time? ? ? ? Presenter: Abby Klobe
Admission Counselor
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