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Graphical Analysis of Motion

No description

Rae Melvin Pantoja

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Graphical Analysis of Motion

by: Rae Pantoja GRAPHICAL ANALYSIS OF MOTION Distance versus Time Graphs Distance, which is calculated in meters, is the space between point A to point B. On the graph as shown below, it is located at y - axis.
Time, which calculated in seconds, is located along x - axis.
Distance-time graphs is a way to visually show a data and to describe how far you travel in a certain period of time. As distance increases the time will also increase creating a direct proportionality. Uniform Velocity No change in velocity in all part of the graph Non Uniform Velocity Changes in velocity occurred in the graph velocity = change in distance / change in time
slope (m) = Y2 - Y1 / X2 - X1 Velocity,which is measured by meters per seconds is the speed of the object moving from point A to point B in a period of time. It is located at y - axis.
Time, which is measured by seconds, it is located along x - axis.
Velocity - Time Graph describes the speed and direction of the a moving object this can be a direct or indirect proportionality depending on the given variable. Velocity versus Time Graphs acceleration = velocity / time Uniform Acceleration No change in acceleration in all part of the graph Non Uniform Acceleration Changes in acceleration occurred in the graph. Sample Problem:

The velocity versus time graph of a body is as shown. Characterize the motion of the body for each portion of the trip. Determine the acceleration for each portion of his trip. Example Example
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