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Science Revision Sept 2010

Revision for topics 5 and 6

Josh Boyes

on 19 September 2010

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Transcript of Science Revision Sept 2010

Science Topic C1a Hazard Symbols Gas Tests Reactivity Series Precipitates and
making salts Chemicals in the
lab and at home Ores Electroloysis
must be used Extracted
using carbon Extracted using
carbon or hydrogen Ores are rocks and bits
of earth containing
metals that are useful,
to extract these metals
we use reduction. Reduction is when
oxygen is removed
from a compound,
this is done by adding
a more reactive element. The opposite of
reduction is oxidation
this is when oxygen is
added to a substance
usually with the help
of heat. Copper Oxide + Carbon Copper + Carbon Dioxide Magnesium + Oxygen Magnesium Oxide
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