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Solar Masons Final Presentation

No description

Ala'a Rayyan

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Solar Masons Final Presentation

Solar Hotbox Presentation
Initial Problems and Challenges
Prevent freezing and breaking of coils

Outside air temperature 30°F-40°F
Constant large volume air flow
heat a small area a few degrees

Future Plans
Solar Hotbox
Design Process
Site Visits
Golf Cart Storage Area
Contacting Experts
Joe Estes, Brad Walters, Andrew Baruth, and Brian Besack
Supplement and verify online sources
Verify practicality of ideas
Add professional opinion and ideas
Possible Solutions
Solar Wall and Duct
Solar Hotbox
Heating Strip
Solar Heating
3 unfinished projects

Good Solar Site
South facing
No obstructions
Appropriate angle for winter
Needs a finished product
Prevent Super Cooling Golf Carts

Short time frame to finish
Outside air temperature
Large volume of stagnant air
Change in heating goals
Previous projects
Minimal Maintenance
Temperature Switches

Other Projects
Observe the Hot Box in Winter
Refurbishing old Hot Boxes
Provide Power
Put in Gutter Down Spouts
Add PVC to act as a Radiator
Very expensive
Requires additional changes to the storage building
Patented by Conserval Engineering
Uses little energy
Physically appealing
Use the heat strip to heat the air and prevent freezing

Heat strips meant for conduction not convection
Takes large amount of power
$0.33 per hour
Require multiple heat strips
Very Inexpensive
Use little energy
Recycled materials
Physically appealing
Define Success
Construction and Installation

Keep building above freezing throughout Winter
Improve charge retention of batteries
Increase lifetime of batteries

Measure temperature at 1ft - 10ft
4ft. x 8 ft. box
Industrial heat fan
Temperature switch
Around 300 recycled cans

Roof insurance
75ft from nearest possible solar site
Problem occurs late in the afternoon or at night
Site is close to the roof edge
No chance of solving the problem
Golf Cart Storage
Problems Arose
Hixson-Lied Roof
Solar Masons

Images: http://solarwall.com/en/home.php
Image: http://hackedgadgets.com/2011/11/16/solar-pop-can-heater-system-build-roundup/
Presentation Skills

Solar Options

Work Environment

Design Techniques

Design and complete a low cost project that is more sustainable and efficient at heating air than the other nearby projects.
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