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Wah Taj

No description

Deepanjan Dutt

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Wah Taj

IF YOU WANT TO SEE AN EXAMPLE ON HOW TO USE THIS TEMPLATE, PLEASE CHECK: https://prezi.com/n-8ibkiw881r/number-systems/ What were the stragetic benefits brought about by STARS ? What were the various levels of the STARS program ?
How did this program achieve its goals ? What did the TPP entail
and what were it's key components
Why Taj ? The Taj People Philosophy
and STARS system Developed in 1999 , was a brainchild of Bernard Martyris and his core team. Originally planned to be called as “The womb to tomb approach”.
Developed at a dream retreat program at Goa, in line with the Tata business excellence model and is based on the Taj Employee Charter, covers all people practices of the group
The Taj group had always believed that their employees were their greatest assets and the very reason for the survival of their business.
The TPP considered every aspect of employees organizational career planning right from the induction into the company till their superannuation. THE TAJ PEOPLE PHILOSOPHY Talent management is seen is the most important sustainable competitive advantage in the future. Every employee is considered as an important member of Taj family.
Taj group always strive to select, retain and compensate the best talent industry.
Quality customer care best upon individual and team performance are rewarded & recognized.
Commitment to regular and formal challenge of communication which nurture openness & transparency .
Every employee is believed to be the Taj. TPP ASPECTS Every employee of Taj group would be an important member in taj family.
The taj family would always strives to attract , retain & reward the best talent in industry.
The Taj family could commit itself to formal communication channels , which would fonder transperancy,. KEY POINTS Learning and development
Intensive two year training program
Talent management and specialization Leadership programs
Hiring fresh graduates
Balanced score card Feedback system
Employee welfare Features THE MAJOR ASPECTS OF TPP Linking the individual performance with groups overall strategy.
Measures performance of employees across all hierarchical levels.
Matrix structure:
Includes an employee satisfaction tracking system. BALANCED SCORECARD SYSTEM Financial Internal business processes
Learning & growth
Employee turnover and Job satisfaction
Training/learning opportunities FOUR PRESPECTIVES OF BSS The group also took strong measures to weed out underperformers
Adopted a 360 degree feedback system Covered all from managing directors to department managers
All were evaluated by their immediate subordinates Followed by personal interviews to counsel them so as to overcome their deficiencies FEEDBACK SYSTEM The STAR system developed by Bernard Martyris. (senior vice-president HR,IHCL)Launched in 2001 as an employee loyalty program.
Operative throughout the year (April-March) Open to all employees across the organization at all hierarchical levels and used as an appraisal system. AIM - IDENTIFY - RECOGNISE - REWARD
Star was actively promoted across the groups 62 chain of hotel and among its 18000 thousand globally, out of which 15000 thousand were from india. STARS (special thanks and recognition system) LEVEL -1 To reach this level ,employee have to accumulate 120 points in 3 months.
LEVEL-2 To reach this level ,employee have to accumulate 130 points within 3 months of attaining the silver grade.
LEVEL-3 To reach this level, employee have to accumulate 250 points within 6 months of attaining the gold grade. STAR LEVELS LEVEL-4 To reach this level, employee have to accumulate 510 points within or more but below 760points to be a part of chief operating officer club .
LEVEL-5 To reach this level, which is the highest level in star enabled employee to be a part of the MD club if they accumulated 760 or more points. STAR LEVELS The Level system of earning Recognition.
The point needed for the STARS could be earned by appreciation by customers, compliment a colleague, forums and various suggestion schemes.
An employee could also get default points if the review committee couldn't give any feedback to the suggestions of the employee within two days.
According to the point the employee could get a star , which would be pinned on their coat as a recognition.
The winners were facilitated at the annual function held by Taj, they would also get gift hampers, cash vouchers or a vacation in Taj hotel of their choice in India. This ceremony significantly boosted their morale. STARS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF EMPLOYEES Name of employee: P.Makhania
Level: Silverlevel
Location: TajMahal, Mumbai.
Suggestion: Room No 287 is kept as or designed for handicapped/disabled people. I suggest we keep a bulb, which flickers when someone rings the bell (this for a guest who is deaf but not blind). It could be just like the house keeping corridor bulb.

Source ICFAI case collection SUGGESTIONS MADE BY EMPLOYEES OF THE TAJ GROUP UNDER STARS Happy Employees lead to Happy customer´
After implementation of STARS customer satisfaction levelsincreased significantly.
Large number of Taj employees started working together in a truespirit of teams.
Many employees to that extra bit and go that extra mile, out of theway to dazzle the customer satisfaction with employee recognition.
The recognition of Taj employees directly linked to customer satisfaction. STARS ACHIEVEMENTS Service standards at all Taj hotels improved significantly because the employees felt that their good work was being acknowledged and appreciated.
Repeated footfalls of customers were noticed after implementation of STARS.
Taj group won the Hermes award in 2002 for best innovation in HR, and in the hospitality industry.
It also got offers to set up hotels in France.
The Taj group of hotels was placed at the top of the list of the best hotels in the world after winning the Hermes award.
The Employee Retention Rate´ of the Taj group was the highest in the hospitality industry because of its employee oriented initiatives . STRATEGIC BENEFITS BOUGHT ABOUT BY STARS High Cost and Management input is required.
Creating extra pressure on employees
Mistakes tend to become unforgivable
Wasteful activities done by employee resulting in customer dissatisfaction.
Difference in attitude of managers and customer
Increasing customer expectations. DRAWBACKS OF THE STAR PROGRAM Stars aimed to identify, recognise and reward employees, its facilities Employee
Job satisfaction
Uniting team
Increase morale
Performance level CONCLUSION AND LEARNING TPP covers every employees career planning right from their induction to superannuation
People oriented culture
Management wanted New recruits pursue a long term career with taj
Training in various fields
Various leadership programme
Potential development and talent management
360 degree performance appraisal system
Best HR initiative strategic benefits to Taj group
Balance score card system, a tool which improves the communication & feedback process between management and employees.
Better opportunities
Greater recognition to employees
Structured HR policies
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