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Elements of Sign Language

No description

Sara Howard

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Elements of Sign Language

Elements of Sign Language
Four Units that determine the meaning of a sign:
Hand shape
Palm orientation
Locations where these occur
Non-manual Characteristics:
Movement of the face
Movement of the eyes
Movement of Head
Body Posture
Sara Howard

Sign Language

Learn and Perform a Song in Sign Language
Improved Communication
and Increased Job Opportunities
Hearing vs. Hearing Impaired
Hearing Impaired vs. Hearing Impaired
International Sign Language System
Signs chosen from multiple sign systems
Absence of grammatical rules
Cultural Influences and Individuality
My Mentor
Product Overview
Challenges and What I learned
High demand for sign language interpreters

Variety of settings
High range in salary
Education and Skills
Sign language helps one gain a new perspective on how human languages are structured
People express their culture through visual poetry, narrative theater, and dance. Sign language is an alternative way to express culture.
Everyone signs differently. Sign Language acts as someone's "voice"


Thank you for your time and interest!
Are there any Questions?
This is my mentor Karen Edwards.

She is the leader of East Hudson Sign Team.

She has been learning sign language for 8
years now.
Busy schedules!
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I learned how important it was to communicate, and how there are so many different ways of communication. We should be open minded to everyone, no matter how different they may seem.
While learning the song, it was difficult because I am left handed and Karen is right handed.
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