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Team Lombardi Business Ideas

No description

Ryan Reed

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Team Lombardi Business Ideas

Team Lombardi Business Ideas
About the Team
Ice Skating Complex
Target Customers
Families, figure skaters, hockey players, community meetings
Ice rink, conference rooms, pro shop
ATV Park
Open Riding ATV Park
Led ATV trail rides
ATV Training Courses
ATV Rentals
Mobile Food Truck
Satisfying appetites without the overhead!
Erika Ellefritz
Operations Assistant @ Kohl Wholesale
2009 graduate Western Illinois University
10+ years work experience

organization, multi-tasking, written communication, process efficiency, presentation design, planning and meeting deadlines, and teamwork.
conducting verbal presentations, patience, and occasional scheduling conflicts with work
Ryan Reed
HR IT Analyst @ Blessing Health System
2005 graduate SIU @ Carbondale
8 years experience in IT field
20+ years experience with computers

oral/written communication, technical/analytical skills, working in teams
organization, planning, note taking, procrastination

Leveraging Strengths
Erika will be enabled to help plan some of the division of labor for projects, organizing deadlines for submission, and leading written project submissions

Ryan will lead team presentations, serve as lead technical consultant and assist Erika with written projects

LeAnne will lead all things marketing/public relations and serve as lead creative consultant
Minimizing Weaknesses
Erika has taken on more presentations at work, will practice patience with team members and complete assignments early to combat potential work conflicts

Ryan has incorporated new processes to help him stay more organized, improve note taking and help with procrastination

LeAnne will work on ensuring her creative ideas stay within the scope of the project

On the whole our group has recognized all individual weaknesses and will support all members to ensure we all reach maximum potential
No competition
Family oriented
New business to the area
New business to the area (is there a market?)
Seasonal business
Increased tourism to area
New hobbies (figure skating, hockey)
Pro shop
Holiday ice rink
Little local experience
Cost to operate
American Motorcycle Association charter and endorsement
Eight ATV dealerships within fifty miles of base location, Quincy, IL
Only one private and two public ATV parks within 150 miles
Available land to purchase or lease
Liability and insurance
Cost of ATV Ownership
Expansion for other outdoor activities; i.e. - Camping, Paintball, Motocross
Charitable ATV rides
ATV dealership product demo's
Personal Trails
Land rights
State regulations and laws
Low overhead
Profit margin
Large manufacturing population
Multiple shifts
Established local eateries
Individuals who bring their own meals
Obtaining permission for parking/city ordinances
Limited meal options for 2nd and 3rd shift employees
Social media marketing
Part-time employees/small business exemption from Affordable Health Care Act
Competition from established restaurants
Rising food cost
2 other Quincy food trucks-Hank's Curbside Canteen & The Quick Course
LeAnne Kaylor
Dispatch & Customer Service Agent @ Varian Medical Systems
Graduate Culver Stockton College

Public Relations, Marketing, Group management, organization, creativity, flexible schedule
Accounting, Dominant personality
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