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SERA Presentation

Jacob Kaiser

on 25 January 2011

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Transcript of SERA

Strategic Econometric Return Analysis Return on Investment Traditional Job Creation Spending Consumer Spending Supply Chain Effects
(Additional Jobs) Taxes SERA is the marriage of economic theory and statistical methods to better provide useable and understandable data specific to Workforce Investment Boards.
The compiled data is used to make strategic decisions on investment of training dollars
Training is provided when there is a shortage of qualified individuals
Training provided in a one-year time frame
Those being trained are unemployed.
Those being trained are unemployable
There is no relationship between different trainings
Local data used where available otherwise state and national data is used. What does SERA invovle?
Taxes Collected
Social Return Savings (Food Stamps and Unemployment)
Social Program Returns (Medicare and Social Security)
Spending on Training Programs
Additional Jobs and Income Created

What Causes Changes
Training Costs
Placement Rates
High Demand/ High Wage
Seperation Rates Multi-Year ROI
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