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the Three Billy Goats Gruff

Linking English Language Arts with Visual Art

Annett O'Hara

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of the Three Billy Goats Gruff

Title the Three Billy Goats Gruff Linking English Language Arts with Visual Art About Folktales & Fables About the Characters About Folktales & Fables "Where the Three Billy Goats
Gruff originate?" This tale originated in Norway hundreds of
years ago. It was passed down from parents to their children for generations. Finally, it was written down by authors Asbjornsen & Moe. Today, this tale tops the long list of "beast fables" in which animal characters can talk, reason using logic, and have human traits. "What is a folktale or fable?" A folktale or fable is a fictional story with:
a moral, lesson, or central message
characters working throughout the story to uncover the moral
characters that are often fictional or animals with human traits "Let's compare the sizes of the 3 goats & their horns." About the Story & the Characters Discussion Questions: 1. Why are the billy goats & the troll so different, or do they have any traits that are similar?

2. What is the moral, lesson, or central message of this folktale or fable?

3. How can English Language Arts link with Visual Art? Compare & Contrast:
the 3 Billy Goats & the Troll "Let's compare the 3 Billy Goats to the Troll & see the ways they are alike & different." the 3 Billy Goats Gruff hungry
3 sizes
animals that talk
live together About the Folktale or Fable "What's the moral , lesson, or central message of this tale?" The moral is about bullying. The cranky troll bullies the billy goats and threatens them, but the clever billy goats manage to outwit him and make it to the hillside to eat the grass. ..."Don't be a bully!" If you see a bully, you should:
tell the bully to stop
tell a grown-up Linking English Language Arts with Visual Arts "How can English Language Arts link with Visual Arts?" Like many literary works or written stories, this fable uses detailed drawings called illustrations to help the reader understand and enjoy the writing. It is through these illustrations that even the youngest of readers can follow the story. Illustrations are a powerful form of communication linked with art. 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr the Troll cranky
giant in size
lives alone BOTH make-believe
fictional characters
know what they want
actions driven by hunger created by Annett O'Hara big little middle Billy Goats Norway USA wikipedialocator.svg
created by Calliopejen -Scholastic/Folk & Fairy Tale Easy Readers Teaching Guide googleimages.com images from:
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